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Smt.Yamuna and Sri.N.R.Gopinath Hon.Secretary and President


KINKINI is one of the leading organizations in Karnataka involved in the promotion, propagation and popularization of Indian classical dance forms of India, for the last 35 years Pursuant to one of its objectives of encouraging young and talented classical dancers by providing proper stage to perform, KINKINI has, since its inception in 1983 has been regularly conducting NRITHYOTSAVA, a national level annual festival of classical dances, featuring especially of young and highly talented performing artists, in tandem with eminent and established senior artists not only from Karnataka, but also from other States, before audiences comprising avid youngsters as well as connoisseurs and cognoscenti.. While Bangalore is the venue of these annual festivals, Kinkini has conducted festivals at Chennai,Mysore and Delhi. So far more than 700 dance artistes including dance troupes have been featured in the festivals

KARNATAKA KALASHRI was awarded to KINKINI in the year 2011/12 by the Karnataka Sangeetha Nrithya Academy,Goverment Of Karnataka



Karnataka Kalashri
Guru Smt.Rangashree
Artistic Director

The festival is an eagerly awaited cultural event. The festival also provides an opportunity to lay persons to get an insight into the rich traditions of all forms of our classical dances .

These programmes are open to public free of any charges and these accounts for record turnout of appreciative audiences every day.

Kinkini has periodically been conducting workshops on different aspects of dance and seminar on subjects relating dance. It is involved in production and presentation of dance dramas and features for some of which with financial support from Government of India, Department of Culture has been received.

Kinkini maintains a small reference library of books, journals, audio/video recordings on dance and music.

Kinkini has a training section in Bangalore to train serious students interested in learning Bharatanatyam both in Bangalore and Kuwait. Technology has enabled Skype lessons drawing students from all over the globe.



Funding for its activities are sought and received from the Government of Karnataka, and Sangeet Natak Akademi, New Delhi besides raising resources from non-Government agencies.

Activities of KINKINI have also been taken to places beyond the Country for which Guru.Rangashree, Artistic Director of KINKINI, performer and teacher of repute has been taking special interest. Kuwait chapter has been functioning since 2002 and its activities have won encomia from press and public alike. Kinkini Kuwait chapter is well known for its professional programme presentation.

The high standards have never been a compromise for KINKINI when engaged in Propagation and popularization of Classical Dances in its purest form. The training wing of KINKINI under the baton of Guru.Rangashree has sincerity and dedication brought into foray 62 young talent who have performed their Arangetram and pursuing this fine art with sincerity and dedication


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